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The purpose of the Improvements in the Administration of Justice (AOJ) Grant Program is to fund programs that support the process of operating the courts in an effective and expeditious manner. FFLA considers the following five areas to be conducive to the administration of justice:

  • Enhancing civil legal services through innovative and cost-effective means;
  • Providing direct civil legal services either to groups of clients currently underserved by legal aid providers or in an area of representation (whether substantive or geographical) that cannot be or is not effectively served by individual qualified civil legal aid providers;
  • Improving the operation and management of the court and justice systems;
  • Public education and understanding about the law, including law-related education;
  • Innovative and transformative pro bono projects; or
  • Otherwise promote the improvement of the administration of justice.

Past projects supported by AOJ grants include a county bar association effort to build a special witness room for child victims and witnesses in the local courthouse and a statewide disability rights group’s efforts to train law enforcement to identify and deal effectively with the mentally disabled.

AOJ grants typically are awarded for demonstration projects with replication potential, as start-up funds or seed money for a one- or two-year period, or for studies, commissions and other types of research. Applicants are encouraged to seek matching funds.

Grant Amount

Grants vary based on availability of funds.

Grant Cycle

Grant applications are available each January and due in February. Grants are awarded in March and distributed in April. The funding period is April 1 – March 31.

Grant Eligibility

Applicants eligible for AOJ grants must be not-for-profit tax-exempt organizations under Section 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code, or otherwise demonstrate the charitable purposes of the project for which funding is requested. AOJ grants are not awarded to individuals. Because of limited funding, FFLA generally does not award AOJ grants for direct service programs (e.g. drug treatment or counseling), established programs or replicas of established programs, local community groups, or programs for which there is a governmental responsibility to provide funding.

Any organization that wishes to apply for AOJ grant funding from FFLA must also register at:

Grant Funding

This grant is funded by FFLA on an annual basis in accordance with FFLA’s grant allocation for the corresponding year which may be culled from all available sources including existing reserves, restricted donations, Endowment contributions, unspent or returned funds, past investment earnings and other funds which may become available.

Grants Awarded

Visit our Grant Database to view current and past grantees.