The FFLA President’s Award for Excellence

The President’s Award for Excellence recognizes outstanding work on behalf of FFLA. The award is presented by the current FFLA president annually at the June board of directors meeting.

YearHonoreeAchievementStory link
2023Maria C. GonzalezFor her willingness to volunteer whenever asked and without hesitation, her steadfast commitment to facilitating fiscal support for the Foundation, and her calm, rational and assertive leadershipRead more
2022Joseph "Jody" HudginsFor his passionate dedication and innovative commitment to increasing access to Florida's justice system while promoting the principles of equal justice for allRead more
2021Bryan GowdyFor his long-standing devotion to the principles of Equal Justice for All, commitment to the Foundation’s mission and dedication to serving the communities and clients it seeks to serve.
2020Hon. Timothy J. Corrigan, Hon. Roy B. Dalton Jr., Hon. Marcia Morales Howard, Hon. William G. YoungFor setting an admirable example of how fiscal sanctions can be used to promote professionalism, ethical representation and increase access to justiceRead more
2019Stephen R. SennFor his steady and dependable leadership and his willingness to go above and beyond his dutiesRead more
2018Florida Bar Foundation StaffFor the exceedingly high level at which they perform and have continued to perform after a reduction in the work forceVideo
2017David B. RothmanFor his contributions of wise counsel, innovative ideas and spirited discussion to the boardRead more
2016Gregory W. Coleman and James A. Kowalski Jr.For their strong leadership, will to do good, and service on the Florida Commission on Access to Civil JusticeRead more
2015Julio JaramilloFor his service to his community, his profession, and the FoundationRead more
2014Hon. Emerson Thompson Jr.For his unselfish contribution of time and effort and for sharing his wisdom from a distinguished career as a lawyer, judge and community leader
2013Matthew G. BrennerFor his thoughtful guidance and pro bono legal services to the Foundation in the relocation of its offices
2012Dean CannonFor his recognition of the importance of state funding to address the civil legal needs of the poor
2010John YanchunisFor his work directing cy pres awards to the Foundation and encouraging others to do the sameRead more
2008Emerson Thompson Jr.For his longstanding and enthusiastic service to the Foundation as a member of the board of directors with unparalleled commitment and understated authority, serving as a moral compass
2008Maria HendersonFor her steadfast and enthusiastic support of the mission of the Foundation, and the clarity and strength of her convictions
2007John PattersonFor his unwavering commitment to the mission of the Foundation which has increased the membership of the Fellows program and importantly strengthened support for the work of its grantees
2005Miles McGrane, IIIFor his success in increasing IOTA revenue and his stalwart promotion and support of the Florida Access to Civil Legal Assistance Act
2002Bruce BlackwellFor his extraordinary commitment of time, energy, and talent to increase financial support through his successful leadership of the Orlando Area Fellows Recruiting Campaign
2002Terrence RussellFor his vision, wisdom, commitment, and leadership that led to adoption of the Florida Access to Civil Legal Assistance Act, which increases access by the poor to the institutions of justice
2001Drew O'Malley and Kathy McLeroyFor their successful efforts in helping the Foundation to achieve amendments to the IOTA Rule to increase funding for legal assistance to low-income Floridians