Florida Pro Bono Matters FAQ

What is Florida Pro Bono Matters?

Florida Pro Bono Matters (www.FloridaProBonoMatters.org) is an interactive website that enables lawyers to search for pro bono cases that suit their interests and submit an interest form to the legal aid or pro bono program that posted the case. The site is the first in the country to automatically gather and display available pro bono matters from multiple programs via their case management systems. This is possible because most FFLA grantees use the same case management system, which FFLA helped them adopt previously. FFLA had the case management system modified to make the gathering of cases for Florida Pro Bono Matters virtually seamless. Florida Pro Bono Matters also allows for organizations not supported by FFLA and not on the common case management system to post cases.

How does it work?

Florida’s nonprofit legal aid providers screen clients for eligibility and then post their cases on the Florida Pro Bono Matters website. Lawyers can go to a single, user-friendly site to search for available pro bono cases posted by multiple programs. The site offers organic keyword search capabilities that allow users to find cases in their geographic and practice areas, or that otherwise meet the lawyers’ interest criteria.

How does it work for the posting program?

Upon receiving a lawyer’s interest form, the legal aid or pro bono program conducts its normal process to place the matter, including conflicts checking, providing a mentor and connecting the lawyer with relevant resources, if requested, and then assigning the matter to the lawyer when both parties agree.

How does it work for the lawyer?

After choosing a case from the search results, the lawyer fills out and submits a simple interest form, which alerts the legal aid or pro bono program that he or she is interested in representing the client.

How does a lawyer search for a case?

In the search bar, type in your criteria for a case. For example, type “Orlando” to search for all cases in that particular geographic area. Or, search by case type using words like “dependency” or “immigration”. You can combine search terms, like “bankruptcy Jefferson County”.

I’m on www.FloridaProBonoMatters.org, but I don’t see any case cards. What’s wrong?

Sometimes, browsers need a hard refresh to update the display. Click here for instructions to hard refresh your browser.

How do I find out the location of the case, or the organization that posted it?

The map on each case card shows the county in which the case is located. The county name is also shown in the top right corner of the map. The organization’s name is located directly under the map.









How do I submit an interest form for a case?

At the bottom of the case card, click “Interested?” to reveal the submission form. Enter your information, and click “submit”.








What happens after I submit an interest form?

You and the program posting the case will receive an email alert. The program will reach out to you shortly.

Is there a conflicts check?

Once you submit an interest form, and you and the program have decided the case is a good fit, you and the program will determine if there are any conflicts.

Are volunteer lawyers covered under the hosting legal aid organization’s malpractice insurance?

All legal aid programs that offer pro bono cases cover volunteer lawyers under their malpractice insurance. Please check with the legal aid organization hosting your case for terms and limits. Cases posted by courts will not offer malpractice insurance.

What if I don’t hear back after submitting an interest form?

Please call FFLA at 407-960-7000.

What if I have accepted a case but now cannot get ahold of the program?

Please call FFLA at 407-960-7000.

I need more help. Who can I talk to?

If you need additional assistance, please contact FFLA at 407-960-7000, or [email protected].