Foundation co-sponsors Florida Justice Summit

November 2009

TAMPA — With partial support from The Florida Bar Foundation in the form of a $160,000 grant made through the Foundation’s Improvements in the Administration of Justice Grant Program, the Collins Center for Public Policy is hosting the Florida Justice Summit 2009 at the Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay Nov. 16-17.

The summit will bring together a diverse group of Florida’s leaders to discuss justice reform. The summit will be a call to action. How do we improve our justice system, our culture and our communities?

According to the Collins Center, for the first time in its history, Florida now incarcerates more than 100,000 people in its state prisons. Each new prison costs approximately $100 million to build and almost $30 million to operate annually. Within three years of release, about one-third of the former inmates are returned to custody. Our system is costly and our recidivism rates are too high.

National and state experts will propose ideas for discussion and consideration in an effort to elevate the statewide conversation about how we can improve public safety, fiscal responsibility, and criminal justice effectiveness.

Speakers include:

Pat Nolan; former California State Assemblyman and Vice President of Prison Fellowship

The Honorable Jerry Madden (Texas); State Representative widely recognized for shepherding justice reform

Adam Gelb; Pew Center on the States, Director of Public Safety Performance Project

Secretary Frank Peterman; Florida Department of Juvenile Justice

Secretary Walt McNeil; Florida Department of Corrections

Secretary George Sheldon, Florida Department of Children & Families

Business Panel of Florida business leaders discussing their concerns for justice reform

Courts Panel of Florida judges, public defenders, and state attorneys giving views from inside the court system

Demico Boothe; Author, “Why Are So Many Black Men in Prison,” and “Getting Out and Staying Out”

Smart Justice Initiatives Panel: service providers and law enforcement personnel give their views on what is working in Florida

Vicki Lukis, Vice Chairman of DOC Reentry Advisory Council and former Chairman of the Governor’s Ex-Offender Task Force.