Foundation forms future plans for technology assets


In December 2023, The Florida Bar Foundation changed its name to FFLA. Posts prior to this date contain our former name.

In late 2021, the Foundation’s Technology Committee completed a set of long-range plan recommendations. The Foundation received eight digital assets from the former Florida Justice Technology Center, and the committee was tasked with evaluating ongoing expenses, maintenance time, system complexity, intellectual property, and overall value to determine the future of the assets.

After months of research and discussion, the committee recommended that the Foundation should develop and maintain technology tools by giving grants and awards to qualified grantees.

The committee also recommended that the Foundation should primarily fund innovation and technology grants through IOTA Revenues consistent with the amended Rule 5.1-1 and should consider funding technology through donations as a secondary option. Additionally, the technology initiatives which embody comprehensive and statewide approaches should be primarily supported. This includes tools designed to have statewide impacts and uses.

The Foundation has begun discussions with grantees to determine which programs would be willing to take control of the assets. Two assets, the Florida Tenants’ Rights site and the Florida Advocates Guide to Long-term Care, will be discontinued due to lack of interest. The Florida Advocates Guide to Medicaid has been transferred to Florida Health Justice Project by signed agreement.

The remaining assets, including Turning 18, Florida Name Change, Florida Advocate, Florida Law Help, and the Gateway project, will be wound down on March 12, 2022, if there are no legal aid programs able to absorb them.