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Hurricane Harvey Disaster Fund Information:

Texas Access to Justice Foundation The Louisiana Bar Foundation

From the Texas Access to Justice Foundation:

Legal aid provides the calm after the storm.  Texans are reeling from Hurricane Harvey.  After the storm subsides and the water recedes the exhaustion of survival will be met by the harrowing realization that their journey back to normalcy is only just beginning.  The daunting work of putting their lives back together will require interaction with myriad governmental agencies and private businesses in order to interpret their rights to services and financial assistance.  At times, it will feel hopeless.  After a disaster, Legal Aid helps put lives back together by providing:

  • Assistance with securing FEMA and other benefits available to disaster survivors
  • Assistance with life, medical and property insurance claims
  • Help with home repair contracts and contractors
  • Replacing wills and other important legal documents destroyed in the disaster
  • Assisting in consumer protection matters, remedies and procedures
  • Assisting with mortgage/foreclosure and landlord/tenant problems

The Texas Access to Justice Foundation will use all donations to fund Disaster Legal Aid to survivors of Hurricane Harvey. Please donate to the Hurricane Harvey Legal Aid Fund to assist all Texans in need of these essential services.

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Read the letter from Texas Access to Justice Foundation Board Chair Richard L. Tate:

Hurricane Harvey Richard Tate Letter
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From the Louisiana Bar Foundation:

Disaster Relief

We know that after a disaster, civil legal aid needs are dramatically increased.  Displaced families and individuals experience a variety of legal needs.  Many need help with successions and title clearing to access federal recovery dollars.  Domestic violence centers are impacted with increased residents.  Vulnerable children need protection due to family instability and separation.  The economic security of the elderly is in jeopardy. The stories are powerful and heartbreaking.

Hurricane Harvey Disaster Fund

Funding for immediate legal services is a significant need facing Texas and Louisiana hurricane victims.  Basic needs such as housing, employment, insurance and federal program benefits are issues for most citizens in the affected areas and not just for those living in poverty.  The LBF is working with stakeholders on the local, state and national level to most efficiently and effectively address the many needs.

At this time, we have established the Louisiana Hurricane Harvey Disaster Fund to provide support to those in need.  Also, you may provide a donation directly to the Texas Equal Access to Justice Foundation Hurricane Legal Aid Fund.

Make a donation to the Louisiana Hurricane Harvey Disaster Fund.

Make a donation to the Texas Equal Access to Justice Foundation Hurricane Legal Aid Fund.

Checks may be sent payable to the Louisiana Bar Foundation/Harvey Disaster Fund, 1615 Poydras Street, Suite 1000, New Orleans, LA 70112

For more information, please contact LBF Development Director Laura Sewell at (504) 561-1046.

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