In grateful appreciation for our friend and supporter Mary Gardiner Evertz

Mary Evertz

Former Florida Bar Foundation board member Mary Gardiner Evertz passed away on December 5, 2020. Evertz was a public member of the Foundation’s board from 2012 to 2018 and served on its Finance and Audit Committee, Development Committee and Law Student Assistance Grant Committee.

After her retirement from the newspaper now known as the Tampa Bay Times, Evertz served as a member of the Citizen’s Forum of The Florida Bar and as secretary of the Community Law Program board of directors, where her service included chairing two of the St. Petersburg legal aid program’s fundraisers. She also has served on one of the grievance committees for the Sixth Judicial Circuit.

“The Foundation celebrates the life of our dear friend and former board member, Mary Gardiner Evertz, who served the Foundation with her many talents,” Stephen R. Senn, the Foundation’s president, said. “Mary lived a full life in which she was an ever-charming and gracious force for good. She supported many worthy causes in addition to that of civil justice, making our world better during her accomplished lifetime.”

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