President’s Message – Spring 2024


Murray Silverstein, Esq.

It has been my pleasure to serve as FFLA’s president this year and to be a firsthand witness to the significant milestones that have come to pass as we navigate the changes brought forth by amendments to the IOTA rule.

While progress is oftentimes one step forward and two steps back, it is a privilege to be part of the ongoing, sometimes grueling, effort to promote the Rule of Law and provide access to those who otherwise do not have the resources or ability to be heard in a meaningful way.

Legal aid services play a crucial role, leveling the playing field for those who lack the resources to access representation. I am heartened by our grantees’ daily efforts to help vulnerable Floridians and their earnest commitment to grow and expand services with increased funding. FFLA is grateful to be able to facilitate the IOTA program with the support of the Florida Supreme Court and The Florida Bar.

By supporting direct legal services, pro bono efforts and initiatives that expand access, FFLA promotes fairness and equality, which strengthen the foundation of our justice system. Though we are a small part of a much larger system, we are proud to advocate for legal aid that impacts tens of thousands of children, families and other Floridians.

Thank you for your support of FFLA. Together, we can increase access to our justice system and turn the idea of “justice for all” into a reality and fundamental right for everyone.