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Recognizing that children have special legal needs, and that those needs were going largely unmet, The Florida Bar Foundation (now FFLA) began funding grants for legal assistance to children in the early 1990s.

The mission of Children’s Legal Services is to provide legal assistance to needy children in critical areas that affect their safety, well being and future development. This mission is promoted through an annual competitive grant program centering on, but not limited to, legal assistance to foster care children, children seeking and in need of health benefits and children needing special educational assistance.

Grants are awarded to children’s legal services programs throughout Florida, both statewide and local. Through this grant program, FFLA also seeks to engage private volunteer attorneys in the provision of legal assistance to needy children by the funding of pro bono programs. The funding criteria established by FFLA for these grants are designed to encourage local matching funds and collaboration with other agencies providing services to children and among children’s legal services grantees.

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Grant Amount

Grant amounts vary based on available funding. For the most recent grant cycle, the minimum grant award was $25,000 and the maximum grant award was $200,000.

Grant Cycle

2024-25 grant applications are open April 1-26.  Grand funding is approved at the June board of directors meeting. The funding period is July 1 – June 30.

Grant Eligibility

FFLA shall make grants to organizations, not individuals. Qualified grant applicants must:

  • Be non-profit entities, tax-exempt and qualified to receive charitable donations within the meaning of the Internal Revenue Code;
  • Operate within the state of Florida;
  • Have an audit mechanism that provides accountability of Foundation funds;
  • Agree to satisfy all the Foundation’s reporting requirements, including the submission of audited financial statements;
  • Have a primary purpose of providing legal services to low-income Floridians; or a primary purpose that advances the administration of justice in Florida
  • Be current in all filings required to be made by it with any governmental authority;
  • Maintain open records;
  • Be an equal employment opportunity employer; and
  • Be able to demonstrate that it can utilize any funds granted to it in a manner consistent with rules and policies adopted by the Board of Directors of FFLA.

Register and submit applications at:

Additional eligibility requirements may be included in the application.

Grant Funding

This grant is funded by FFLA on an annual basis in accordance with FFLA’s grant allocation for the corresponding year which may be culled from all available sources including existing reserves, restricted donations, Endowment contributions, unspent or returned funds, past investment earnings, the annual Florida Bar fee statement and other funds which may become available.

This grant is funded in part by IOTA funds collected pursuant to Rule 5.1-1(g), rules regulating The Florida Bar. In addition, this grant program is supported by annual contributions from Florida lawyers and other contributions to FFLA.  Such contributions add significantly to the IOTA resources committed to this grant program.

Grants Awarded

Visit our Grant Database to view current and past grantees.