Florida Legal Aid Disaster Relief Initiative

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The disaster relief initiative supports civil legal aid and other organizations providing legal services with emergency funding to help impacted communities, from those affected by natural disasters like hurricanes to frontline workers affected by COVID-19. Funds may be used to support applicant organizations or to aid those in need of civil legal aid after an emergency or natural disaster.

Grant Amount

Grant amounts vary based on available funding.

Grant Cycle

Grants are available on an emergency basis.

Grant Eligibility

  • Be a non-profit entity, tax-exempt and qualified to receive charitable donations within the meaning of the Internal Revenue Code;
    Operate within the state of Florida;
  • Have an audit mechanism that provides accountability of FFLA funds;
  • Agree to satisfy all FFLA’s reporting requirements, including the submission of audited financial statements;
  • Have a primary purpose of providing disaster relief legal services to low-income Floridians.

Grant Funding

This grant is funded by FFLA on an annual basis in accordance with FFLA’s grant allocation for the corresponding year which may be culled from all available sources including existing reserves, restricted donations, Endowment contributions, unspent or returned funds, past investment earnings and other funds which may become available.

Grants Awarded

Visit our Grant Database to view grantees.