Limited Matching Funds Grant Program

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FFLA’s Limited Matching Funds Grant Program (LMF) provides applicants periodic opportunities to obtain limited funding to support and/or to leverage grant opportunities from other funding sources, which may contribute to:

  • Greater impact through leveraged funding;
  • Diversification of applicant funding to improve sustainability;
  • Increased opportunities for innovation; and
  • Increased opportunities to improve efficiencies.

Grant Amount

Grants vary based on availability of funds.

Grant Cycle

Grant applications are accepted on a rolling basis with funding distributed on a quarterly basis. Decisions will be made on an individual basis and typically occur within two to three months of receipt of the LMF application, including all necessary documentation, as well as complete and timely responses to follow-up inquiries by FFLA.  To register and submit an application, after reviewing the Grant Eligibility section below, please access the following link:

Grant Eligibility

FFLA only provides grants to organizations, not individuals. Any organization interested in applying for any FBF funding must meet these listed requirements.

  • Be a non-profit entity, tax-exempt and qualified to receive charitable donations within the meaning of the Internal Revenue Code;
  • Operate within the State of Florida;
  • Have an audit mechanism that provides accountability of FFLA funds;
  • Agree to satisfy all of FFLA’s reporting requirements, including the submission of audited financial statements;
  • Have a primary purpose of providing civil legal services to low-income Floridians; or a primary purpose that advances the administration of justice in Florida; or promote public service among lawyers by making it an integral component of the law school experience
  • Be current in all filings required to be made by it with any governmental authority;
  • Maintain open records as required by law, while protecting and preserving all applicable client privileges;
  • Be an equal employment opportunity employer; and
  • Be able to demonstrate that it can utilize any funds granted to it in a manner consistent with rules and policies adopted by the Board of Directors of FFLA.

Additional eligibility requirements may be included in the application.

Grants under FFLA’s Limited Matching Funds Grant Program are conditioned on the following:

  • FFLA’s LMF grant must be designated as the matching fund, not the principal fund
  • If a Foundation LMF grant is awarded, grant recipient must secure award of the principal grant prior to the release of any payment by FFLA for the LMF grant
  • Any reports due to the principal grantor would be due to FFLA for review
  • Continued funding would be conditioned on satisfactory progress and results for the principal grant

Grant Funding

This grant is funded by FFLA on an annual basis in accordance with the FFLA’s grant allocation for the corresponding year which may be culled from all available sources including existing reserves, restricted donations, Endowment contributions, unspent or returned funds, past investment earnings and other funds which may become available.

Grants Awarded

Visit our Grant Database to view grantees.