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The purpose of this grant is to support and enhance pro bono programs and efforts in an effort to increase pro bono public service by private attorneys authorized to practice law in Florida providing free legal services to grantees’ low-income clients.  The grant focuses on non-Legal Services Corporation-funded grantees, because LSC-funded organizations are required to spend 12% of their basic field grant funding on Private Attorney Involvement.  All grantees receiving Pro Bono Support and Enhancement Grants must spend the grant awards in accordance with Rule 5-1.1(g), Rules Regulating The Florida Bar.

Grant Amount

For fiscal year 2023-24, FFLA’s board approved allocating up to 12% of IOTA collections received in FY 2022-23 to fund Pro Bono Support and Enhancement grants. Qualified grantees received a pro rata distribution of available funds based on existing capacity, budgets and past performance.  Funding is expected to supplement, not supplant, existing funding with the goal of expanding existing programs, starting new ones, and increasing overall performance metrics. Funding formulas and requirements are subject to change on a periodic basis to reflect updates or changes in available data and information.

Grant Cycle

October 1, 2023 – September 30, 2024

Grant Eligibility

Applicants must be a “qualified grantee organization”, which is a charitable or other nonprofit organization that facilitates or directly provides qualified legal services by qualified legal services providers and that has experience in successfully doing so. “Qualified legal services” are free legal services provided directly to low-income clients for their civil legal needs in Florida, and includes post-conviction representation, programs that assist low-income clients in navigating legal processes, and the publication of legal forms or other legal resources for use by pro se litigants.

Grant Funding

This grant is funded by IOTA collections received by FFLA as administrator for Florida’s IOTA program.

Grants Awarded